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Our Clients Love the OPTIC | SLIM and OPTIC | ELITE, Here are the Top Nine Things They Say

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

By nature, skin care professionals err on the side of education and data. Even the most trusted professionals are further validated by real-time data and logic which are the primary functions of the OPTIC | SLIM and OPTIC | ELITE.

Our goal was to develop the best aesthetic imaging platform in the industry for the best value – we succeeded. The macro benefits of why we created these instruments are to help skin care professionals book more patients and sell more skin care products. The micro benefits are they are lightweight for on-the-go professionals and above all else – they provide real-time data to educate professionals and clients. For example: when an OPTIC | SLIM or OPTIC | ELITE identities Pigmentation, then IPL Photo facial, Kojic acid serum and/or TCA Peel 35% treatments are suggested.

It did no take long for the skin care industry to catch word of the OPTIC | SLIM and OPTIC | ELITE, and so far – the feedback has been positive.

Here are the top nine things our clients regularly say:

9. After researching my options and shopping around, I was shocked to learn that the OPTIC is the most affordable and has the most features.

8. I love that it’s lightweight and needs no additional equipment.

7. The ability to show my patients an image really helps to diagnose their skin conditions.

6. Consultations are so easy when we have an image to talk about and create a conversation of their skin concerns. Showing is more effective than telling.

5. The crossed polarized images are awesome because they expose issues we can’t see and with the naked eye. It helps me and my patients!

4. Before and after images shown for all the different skin conditions help to educate my clients about products and how they are improving their skin.

3. The percentiles and spot counts for the skin conditions are extremely beneficial to track the smaller changes that build up over time.

2. Being able to recall baseline photos and compare to current photos have increased my patient satisfaction and retention.

1. My first day scanning with the OPTIC, I did three scans and sold $1,500 in products alone.

Perhaps you’d be interested in experiencing similar successes. If so, please email or call Synergy MedSales at 310-535-0018 for more information.

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