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Love Is Flowing Here at Optic Imaging Headquarters | 15-Percent Off

Cupid's Gift Now thru February 16 -- Enjoy 15-Percent Off the Optic Slim and Optic Elite

Both the Optic Elite and Slim reveal underlying skin health and possibilities that patients cannot see with the naked eye or imagine in their wildest dreams. The devices are all-in-one imaging platforms which offer 10 indication readings with LED-powered RGB, UV and PL Filters.

Best of all, both units operate easily with a single plug and a WiFi connection -- easy to setup and operate.

Optic Slim Promo Code: Slim15

Optic Elite Promo Code: Elite15


  • Free Domestic and International Shipping

  • Free Returns: purchase an Optic Slim and/or Optic Elite, keep it for 72 hours and if you're not satisfied -- return it and get your money back.

Questions? Email or call:

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