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Optic Slim Versus Optic Elite and Which Device Is Best for You

In the beginning there was the Optic Slim. It launched in 2017 as the imaging platform industry leader for value, functionality and design. Never had one lightweight device offered so much real-time skin data at such a competitive price point. And then in January 2020, the larger and faster Optic Elite was revealed.

With some intricate differences between the Slim and Elite – the primary benefit of each is common. They provide real-time data which helps skin care professionals have seamless and informative patient conversations. The instruments reveal underlying skin health and possibilities that patients cannot see with the naked eye or imagine in their wildest dreams. It’s a “show, don’t tell” shift for data-driven patient consultations.

Both the Slim and Elite effectively spotlight skin conditions using RGB, UV, PL filters and each tracks progress. Before and after images, ageing simulation and many other facial views are included. Neither instrument requires additional equipment, and both operate in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Vietnamese and another 10 languages. Reports by the devices are delivered via email, SD card sharing, Bluetooth sharing and USB port sharing. And both feature 64GB of internal storage along with an external 32 GB SD card.

So, how is the Optic Slim different from the Optic Elite?

  • Both models offer percentile comparison, but additionally the Elite offers more detailed analytics such as spot count per skin condition in addition to a percentile comparison

  • The Slim is more portable, it is slightly smaller in dimensional stature and weighs 10 pounds while the Elite weighs 15

  • The Slim screen is 10.1-inches, and the Elite screen is 15.6-inches

  • The Elite’s larger display is slightly sharper – it has 2,000 megapixels compared to the Slim’s 1,500

  • The Elite is faster – it yields analysis reports in 20 seconds compared to 30 for the Slim

  • Both units offer side-by-side before and after photos for all 10 skin conditions, however due to the Elite’s larger frame – is it able to provide left and right whole-face comparisons.

So, which device is best for you and your practice?

We get this question a lot and there's really only one way to find out -- schedule a demo.

Demos are available in English and Spanish from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT Monday through Friday.

Click Here or dial 310-535-0018 to schedule a demo and learn more about the Optic Slim and Optic Elite.

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