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Smartphone Cameras Are a Bad Idea for Before and After Photos, Here's Why

People visit aestheticians for a self-esteem boost, the fountain of youth and overall improved quality of life. And within the consultation – perhaps nothing is more powerful than the ability to reveal possibilities.

“Mrs. Jones, with this treatment, this will be the new you!” Drum roll… voilà!

The only benefit of smartphone photography is that it’s better than no photography at all. However, smartphone photos do not accomplish the entry-level goals achieved by imaging devices such as the Optic Slim or Optic Elite.

A smartphone compared to an Optic Elite or Optic Slim isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison because they’re different in all aspects. Both the Slim and Elite effectively spotlight conditions using RGB, UV, PL filters and each tracks progress. Before and after images, ageing simulation and many other facial views are included.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of aesthetic imaging devices is that they provide real-time data which helps skin care professionals have easy and factual patient conversations. The instruments reveal underlying skin conditions and possibilities that patients cannot see with the naked eye. It’s a paradigm shift to patient consultations with an emphasis on facts, data and images. Large displays help here – 10.1-inches on the Slim and 15.6-inches for the Elite respectively.

Also, the Elite offers more detailed analytics such as spot count per skin condition in addition to a percentile comparison – feature certainly not available with smartphones. And aside from the benefits – the patient experience with an imaging device is lightyears better than pulling a phone from your pocket.

The Optic Slim and Optic Elite were created as compact, single plug alternatives to high-priced imaging devices with never-ending software update fees.

Competition is good for consumers and it exists amongst imaging devices, but there isn’t competition between Optic devices and smartphones – they’re nothing alike.

For more information about Optic Imaging devices, please call 310-535-0018.

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