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Vote Optic in Dermascope Magazine's "Favorite Diagnostic Tool" Category

Of course we want skin care professionals to choose the Optic Slim or Optic Elite over other diagnostic tools, but most importantly we:

A) Want skin care pros to use any imaging platform instead of smartphones for patient consultations and before and after photos

B) Schedule a demo with us and learn more about the Optic Slim and Optic Elite to decide if Optic is good for you

If you've added an Optic diagnostic tool to your arsenal and agree it's the most powerful device in the industry then let your voice be heard and vote Optic in Dermascope Magazine's "Favorite Diagnostic Tool" category.

Click Here to submit your vote in Dermascope's 2021 Aestheticians' Choice Awards.

Note: for fast, single category voting, make a selection in the "Favorite Diagnostic Tool" category, scroll down, select "Finish" and done.

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