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Win An OPTIC | SLIM Imaging Platform 

Value $4,899.99

Winner Announced April 15, 2021 


The Optic Slim Is a Double-Edged Sword with Clinical + Business Benefits

The Optic Slim is a mobile, lightweight, all-in-one imaging platform for salons, start-ups, single room aestheticians and providers on-the-go. It includes an attached 10-inch Android tablet with 30-second analyzing speeds offering 10 indication readings with LED-powered RGB, UV, and PL Filters.

But most importantly, the Optic Slim provides real-time data which helps aestheticians have seamless and informative patient conversations. The instrument reveals underlying skin health and possibilities that patients cannot see with the naked eye or imagine in their wildest dreams.   


Thank you for entering and good luck!

Optic Imaging_Image No. 4.png

Five Reasons You Should Own an Optic Slim:

  1. Improves consultation effectiveness and treatment booking

  2. Provides comparative analysis to track treatment progress

  3. Offers tangible evidence for treatment and product consideration

  4. Recommends preventative procedures for future problem areas

  5. Helps market and sell other treatments and/or products at your spa – your average spend per patient consultation will increase!

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“If you're not taking before and afters with the Optic Slim, you are leaving 30% of your revenue on the table.”


Matt Taranto, Mint Aesthetics

Optic Imaging

Tel: 310-535-0018

1000 Jupiter Rd., Suite 700

Plano, TX 75074

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